Sentencing outcome today at Wood Green Crown Court

Claire Ruth Mann nee Silverstone

For the bomb hoax to Kinloss Synagogue and associated texts sent to Roz Page, 3 years immediate custodial

For pretending to be a psychologist , 9 months to run concurrently ‘out of respect for your daughter’

David Bright

“…Perverting the course of Justice .. in the family court..cannot be ignored”

12 months immediate custodial.

Both exited the dock to the cells via the door to the back.



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  1. I didn’t know and paid money into his account on 15th October. Only seen all this about him. Oh man I’ve been proper scammed. All that money last year too.

  2. Shame that they did this, but knowing how much he helped me to see my son in 2014, I believe that he messed up, to the detrement of 100’s of other children. He lost his own son in 2015 and carried on helping people throughout. Yes I’m sure he made a lot of money in the process because of sheer number of clients, but not even a fraction compared to Solicitors fees. This man brought my family back together and will always be remembered for this.

    • David did not loose his own son in 2015. He cannot return to the US as there is a warrant for his arrest there. His other son lives with him.

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