FAQ: Statement questions / Guidance Notes

Statement Instructions

  1. If you have not written something already, you can download a template and fill it out: http://www.davidbrightserialconman.com/2016/09/16/statement-instructions-liverpool/
  2. You might want to ask a friend or supporter to help you who is more emotionally detached
  3. Please keep the statement short, concise and to the point.
  4. Stick to things that you SAW or OBSERVED without hearsay e.g. “John told me that David Bright is rumoured to like cheese”
  5. The statement MUST be signed. You will need to print it.
  6. Any whatsapp/ text messages /screenshots would be very useful. You can find how to screenshot your mobile phone screen by looking it up on Google. A lot of whatsapp message screen shots are already being used in evidence, the order of the Judge refer to them. If you get stuck email admin@davidbrightserialconman.com and somebody there will help you.
  7. Please send  the signed statement to admin@davidbrightserialconman.com or by post to:

Apt 1661  Chynoweth House,Trevissome Park,Truro, TR4 8UN

  1. Directly to the solicitor, please contact admin for the contact details. This is made available for those who feel more comfortable only dealing with solicitors.

Questions you might like to address on you statement:

  • How were you introduced to David Bright?
  • What claims did David Bright  make?
  • Did you meet him in person ?
  • What role did Gillian play?
  • What role did Marc Landau play?
  • What role did Claire RUTH Silverstone mann play?
  • Did David Bright  claim to be a solicitor or have legal training?
  • Did David Bright  ever sign paperwork?
  • Did David Bright  ever conduct litigation on your behalf?
  • Did David Bright  ever exceed his remit “to assist with the  quiet preparation of paperwork”
  • Did long periods of time go by with nothing happening at all , except Direct Debit payments>
  • Did you ever meet with Steven Lux?
  • David Bright  money – how did you pay him, how much, by what method? Cash? Direct bank transfer? What were David Bright  bank details?
  • What was said regarding VAT?
  • Have charging orders been placed on any property?
  • Have you sued him or are you contemplating doing so?
  • How did David Bright behave in court and in the court building?
  • Did he encourage you to break orders of the court?
  • Did David Bright of the Parents Voice ever advocate not turning up to a court date?
  • Did David Bright ever do anything which cause you or anybody else not to attend court?
  • Did he give you any advice? E.g. Move to Cornwall?
  • Did any Judge make a comment regarding his credentials or behaviour? In which court? What was the Judges name? What was said?
  • What delaying tactics were used. e.g. intentionally filling out the wrong form, altering orders behind the Judges back.



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