Statement Instructions for Liverpool (Updated 21st September)

Statement template:

Download from here Statement Template (Google Docs) (make a copy) or Download for Word (docx).

The documement must be signed. You can scan it  or post it to the postal address below.

Dear TPV Victim,

We are a consortium of TPV Victims, we organise ourselves through and

David Bright and Claire Ruth Silverstone are to be sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday 14th October 2016. Please see the website for further details.

We are not certain that David Bright will received a custodial sentence. There are differing views within the consortium. Nobody knows what will happen to him at sentencing. It is very possible that he will walk out of the courtroom a free man, perhaps under suspended sentence. The teflon don does it again!

The criminal court does not have the power to ban him from the Family Court (another branch of the Judiciary). It is essential that we get a satisfactory outcome in Liverpool and shut down The Parents Voice (TPV) for good so that there are NO MORE VICTIMS. The best we can hope for is a referral to the other branch of judiciary.

Then we got lucky ….. BRIGHT WAS FOUND WANTING

In a recent family matter, the Judge in Liverpool was so concerned about David Bright’s behaviour in court and via WhatsApp that she referred it to a fellow judge for consideration. A hearing has now been laid down for the start of October looking exclusively at his conduct within a family law setting. There is precedent for banning somebody from the family law system , not allowing them in the building, not allowing them to keep files, ordering them to return files etc.

We write to implore you to step forward and provide a statement for the consideration of the presiding Judge, Her Honour Judge De Haas Q.C. The family court does have committal powers. The Police and the Judge have been connected.

We want to stop DB from fleecing more victims, keeping their files, messing up their cases, etc. IT IS VITAL THAT THIS MAN BE STOPPED.

Right now, the bundle looks thin and we are struggling. We are in danger of failure as people will not step forward.

Many TPV victims are struggling to survive; many have mental health problems. Many are too broken, especially those who have had their children taken or had harrowing experiences. This man provikes anxiety in grown adults. Many are just embarrassed that they fell for Bright and have been conned by him. Some of the stories are horrifying and very very upsetting to read, it makes you feel filthy afterward. We have stories of a woman who lived on lentils for a year, a man who lived in a Premier Inn for 3.5 months, a man who ate all his meals at a trestle table in his garage. David Bright keeps a lien on people’s files for money and places charging orders on people’s property. The true scale is horrifying.

We are writing to plead with you to allocate approximately 2 hours of your time to write a statement using the instructions below.  We know it is difficult, please reach deep within yourself for some strength to produce a statement so that Her Honour Judge de Hass QC can make the correct and informed decision.







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  1. David Silvester | September 18, 2016 at 9:39 pm | Reply

    David Bright has sent me a message with a list of works he has caraised out. Then in light that I’ve asked for a refund he says he will gI’ve me £2500.00 refund when according to his list of work which comes to less that £1500.00. Some of the worksite hes trying to charge me for is for driving to bristol to see me to discuss my case. 240 miles at 45p per mile. He was in Bristol Family Court already.
    Crafty Git

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